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Let Your Adventure Begin

At Korea Teaching Jobs we are dedicated to providing you with the best ESL job links, teaching resources, and tips for living in South Korea.

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Welcome to Korea Teaching Jobs!

 We are a brand-new website built around connecting qualified teachers with quality jobs in South Korea.


“I taught English in Korea for 18 months, and it was the best experience of my life!  I absolutely recommend it to everyone.”Drew Binsky

“South Korea is one of the best places — if not the best — to teach English”Nomadic Matt

It’s almost a year and a half since I came to Korea, and I still feel compelled to stand back and take stock of how lucky I am.Clare Hartwieg

Why Teach in South Korea ?


Teaching in Korea has some major advantages

  • Experience a fun and dynamic culture. Korea has everything from the serenity of mountaintop temples to some of the most bustling and exciting cities on earth.
  • Expat community. There are many ESL teacher in South Korea, every city in the country has a community of English speaking foreigners. It’s very easy to meet people from other English speaking countries.
  • Free accommodation. Almost all jobs in South Korea provide apartments rent free for their teachers. This means convenience and the ability to save more money for you.
  • A chance to experience teaching and living abroad. Many people start their teaching career here, as well as being a first experience living abroad.
  • Low taxes. Taxes in South Korea are very low in comparison to much of the Western world.